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The new duckery was built over the winter 2010/2011, It consists of 6 purpose built glass fibre tanks each one 21in x 19 in x 19in deep.

Inside the centre is raised about 3 inches to form a slope on either side that creates small ponds.

Around the inside is a ledge that supports a stainless steel shelf that creates an area for the birds to sit, eat and sleep on. The shelf is exactly half the size of the tank so that 2 can be installed to keep the birds from the “ponds”. This way any droppings or food can drop below then washed away.

Each pond has its own drainage outlet; this also provides a system to insert pipes that control the depth of water from nothing to 3 inches.

Water is fed via small taps that can allow just a trickle to full. Above each tank has a heat lamp that can be adjusted depending on what heat is required.

The whole system was designed to be easy to clean and labour saving. It was also very easy to install and maintain.

Once the birds are strong enough we have an outside aviary ready for them to go into.

Over the years as members of several organisations including the IWWA and Avicultural Society we have gained a vast amount of very valuable information on breeding techniques but we are still learning new ideas after 30 years. 

Our collection now contains, European Eiders, Smew, Buffelhead, Hooded Merganser, Argentine Ruddy Duck, Hottentot Teal, Black Headed Duck, African White Backed Duck, Chiloe Wigeon and also contains Avocets, Lilac Breasted Rollers and White-Cheeked Turaco's.


These African white-back ducks were parent raised.

African Black Headed (Female) African Black Headed (Male)

Tank Birds Eye View Tank Front View Tank Base View

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