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After trying several types of incubators we came to the conclusion that the Brinsea range more than covered our needs. Generally speaking we let the female sit for several days to start the eggs off.

We have a couple of Octagon 10's and they are very easy to use and ideal if you only have one clutch to incubate. More than likely birds will not lay their clutches to suit us some will start earlier than others, so it is important to have enough small incubators to accommodate the small clutches.

Hopefully at some stage we will gather up 15-20 eggs, hence the Octagon 20. We have 4 of these. Plus the Octagon DX Pro 20 with humidity control.

The Hatchmaker, for when the eggs have piped, the perfect machine, I think easy cleaner and reliable.

Don't laugh at this but we have also used a 240 volt Garden Seed Propagor brought for £9.99 at the Local Garden Centre. The amount of single ducklings they have helped is remarkable.

The Brinsea Octagon range is reliable easy to use, easy to clean and affordable.

Brinsea also offers service for your incubator for a sensible price and also have a very useful website. Althougth the "Humidity in Incubation" looks a bit heavy - If you are just starting take your time and have a read.

Brinsea Incubation Specialists

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