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African White Backed

New Zealand Brown Teal (Anas aucklandica).African White Backed Duck (Thalaassornis leuconotous).

We have 1 pair (unrelated)

The White Backed are kept in the aviary along with the avocets for a couple of reasons.
Like the Avocets they like mixed millet and the insectivorous food, but importantly they like aquatic plants and it is easier to supply aquatic plants in a smaller area.

These birds have a dumpy body with large heads and it is difficult to tell the male from the female.
Nesting any time of the year in dense vegetation the clutch size is from 4- 9 coffee brown eggs with both male and female taking it in turn to incubate ( approx 29-33 days)
They seem very at home with the Avocets and Hottentots and have never displayed any aggression
I have to admit to these birds being my favourite.


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