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The collection has grown to some 40 birds, our latest arrivals being one totally unrelated pair of African White Backed Ducks. Brought in 2008, we have kept them in the aviary with the Avocets, Hottentots and the Lilac Breasted Roller's.The garden .  For an enlarged view of the garden please click the picture.

Like most hobbies this one has taken over all of our spare time, the garden is 80ft x 50ft surrounded by a fox proof fence (if there is such a fence!)
Between the fence and a 4ft wall is a concrete path this allows me to lay humane traps for any rodents that may get in, thankfully only 4 in 30 years. We have 5 aviaries, one for the White CheekedTuracos, the second houses Lilac Breasted Roller
s and Hottentot Teal, third one houses Lilac Breasted Rollers, African White Backed Duck and Avocets, the fourth one houses one male Lilac Breasted Roller and can be used for ducklings and lastly the fifth one is spare at the moment but ready for small waterfowl but mainly Rollers and Turacos.

We have replaced the fence energizer with a Gallager Smart Power, mains powered with Battery back up, which automatically switches to battery if the power goes off, well worth the money.

You may if you wish contact by telephone, Fax and Answering Machine 

44-(0)-1273 584737

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